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"The Way of the Dragon"

Sensei Scott, Personal Martial Arts Instructor

Have crowds of people kept you away from learning Self Defense?

Are you tired of "McDojo's" reeling you in with "free" lessons only to pop the big Contract later and urging you to "sign up now"?

Take control of your training!  It's time to learn your art, your way, and even in your dojo (home, office, etc.) if you like.

It's the best way.  It's your way.  It's The Way of the Dragon.

What Makes Ryuu-do Different?

Throughout my 25+ years of Martial Arts training, both as Student and as Sensei (or Instructor or Guide,) I have often noted that no single system or "style" of Martial Arts seemed to "fit" everybody's widely varying needs.  Some styles demanded physical abilities that restricted their classes to a few 20-something students who could actually keep up.  Others taught "down to" children's classes, turning them into little more than a daycare facility.  Still others came closer to the mark by trying to be everything to everyone, but then charged such high rates that only an elite few could access their training.  In addition to these observations regarding the instruction of the Martial Arts in today's world, I also noted that various styles or systems seemed to have different advantages and disadvantages, and I was a bit disappointed that the practitioner would have to choose which set of benefits to sacrifice from one style to begin training in another.

 The Solution:  The Dragon    dragonKanji

In many Martial Arts, especially those with links to China, there exists a cycle of teachings revolving around certain Animals.  No matter which animals are the focus of the varying styles, almost all include the Dragon.  Traditionally, the Dragon is known in part for its adaptability, and its ability to incorporate elements of any or all of the other animals.  It is with this philosophy that Ryuu-do was founded, combining the best teachings and practices of many different schools and divergent systems or styles

 "Dragon" in Kanji        

The Blend

Ryuu-do Karate/Kung Fu literally means The Way of the Dragon, and as its name implies, is itself a blend of styles and systems.  The practitioner of Ryuu-do first trains in a very traditional style, learning mostly techniques that draw from Okinawan Karate-do (i.e., Shotokan, Shorin-ryu, etc.)  As the student progresses, techniques begin to draw from traditional 5-Animal styles of Kung-Fu (i.e., Northern and Southern style Kung Fu, Win Chung, and Shaolin).  The results are a balanced approach yielding strength, flexibility, speed, confidence, and improved physical well-being,  which by  its very nature is uniquely tailored to the needs and goals of each individual karate-ka or student.

About the Sensei (Instructor)

I have studied Martial Arts for over 25 years. My studies began with Okinawan styles including Shotokan, Shorin-ryu, and Isshin-ryu.  During this time, I began instructing children 4 to 17 years old, as well as several parents, in several Community Centers throughout the Salt Lake City area (including West Valley City, Magna, Central Downtown, and Kearns.)  During this time, I was gratified to see many of my students not only grow in confidence & skill, but also take multiple awards and trophies at local Tournaments.  After 3 years of instructing many youth in the area, my work took me further south to Utah County.  There, I began my study of Shaolin Chuan-Fa (Shaolin Kempo/Kung Fu or "Fist Law").  I soon advanced through my studies, and additionally earned a 2nd Degree Instructor's rank. I began instructing students of all ages in both group and private classes.  I soon opened my own Dojo in Murray, Utah, where I taught full time as Chief Instructor for over a year.  As part of my teaching experiences, I was privileged to study with one of Black Belt Magazine's "Instructors of the Year," as well as the 10th Degree Grand Master who is the United States' official Shaolin ambassador.  At one point, I was honored to spend a day studying with no less than the Chief Instructor of the Shaolin Temple from Shonshang, China, Master Chow (see photo)

To this day, I continue my studies in Kempo (or Kenpo) Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu, and various Weapons arts from China, Japan, and Okinawa.

Sensei Scott with Master Chow
         Master Chow and Sensei Scott (2004)

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